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ABOUT US Farmamundi


Perú. /FM

FARMACEUTICOS MUNDI was formally constituted as a Non-Government Organization for Cooperation Development on the 2nd of July 1993 with its headquarters located in Valencia, although it began as a solidarity association, with a different name and field of action in the early years.

It was founded by a team of pharmacists from the Valencian Autonomic Region, who met in a small shop located in Antonio Muñoz Street, in the nearby village of Alfafar, where the medicines that were donated by pharmacies were prepared to be sent as humanitarian aid to hospitals and small clinics which were managed by well-known missions or other NGO´s. Years later, the organization´s headquarter´s was moved to a warehouse in 58, Albufera Avenue in the same village, where the headquarters remained until March of 2008. The current headquarters is located in the Technological Park in the village of Paterna.

From 1993, the Organization began to expand to other autonomic regions, opening Delegations in Catalunia, Madrid and Castilla-La Mancha expanding step by step to other geographic areas. It is currently comprised of 12 Delegate Offices in autonomic regions throughout the Country (Andalucía, Aragón, Asturias, Cantabria, Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla y León, Catalunia, Extremadura, Galicia, Madrid, Murcia y Euskadi). From where it has increased its action procedures, managing in addition to consignments of humanitarian aid, a large volume of Projects of Co-operation of Development and Humanitarian Action in collaboration with over 20 local associates. Thanks to this activity we were declared a Public Utility on the 24th of April 2001.

The first organization Project was run in Mali (1997-99), followed by others in Nicaragua (1998-99), Rwanda and Zaire (98-99), Perú and Bolivia were already oriented to the medicines access by the creation of social pharmacy nets, the improvement of sanitary conditions on the local populations and nutritional development of children and women with nutritional deficiencies, guidelines which are ongoing projects. Starting in its early years, the association joined forces to the humanitarian action, responding to the best of its abilities to the first emergency such as conflicts of the Great Lakes, the Balkans, Hurricane Mitch, etc. From then until now, the Project Area´s duties has had a quantitative and qualitative increase, with an average of 30 projects running every year since 2008 and having obtained the qualification from the Spanish Agency of International Co-operation for the Development (AECID) in 2011 such as a NGO specialized in health.

In 2002, Farmamundi settled a permanent headquarter in Nicaragua, that was the first international headquarter. Nowadays we maintain, with local employees, international headquarters in Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Peru and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

As a result of our evolution as a pharmaceutical entity and to accomplish our duties to facilitate access to high quality medicines at affordable prices to the populations in need, in 2001 we created the Farmamundi Humanitarian Logistic Area (ALH) which was the first non-profitable international distributor in Spain for the Co-operation to Development, Humanitarian Action and Emergency.

In 2006, ALH obtained the certification of Register for the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001 by the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification (AENOR), with the scope of non-profitable distributors of medicines which is renewed on a yearly basis. Finally, in 2013 the environment operative requirements in this missional Area have led to obtain the International Certification of ECHO such as Humanitarian Procurement Centre. From 2014 the medicines warehouse is equipped with a Guaranty and Quality Control System that ensures the Distributions Good Practice (BPD) verification that was solicited to the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Equipment (AEMPS) and the Health Counseling.

Continuing in line with our forbearers guidelines from the beginning, the awareness through the Education for the Development and Incidents Area has been one of the tools used by our Organization to give voice to the health problems in the Southern Countries and the actions taken to reverse the actual situation of inequality.

In 2004 the first estate projects were brought into operation. Since then, they have evolved in the consolidation of the messages and designs of our campaigns including educational actions that generate a critical thinking between our target group, professionals and future professionals dedicated in these areas of expertise and sensitize society as a whole about these regards in order to generate awareness.

Similarly Farmamundi focuses on the committed and coherent communication with values of rigorous social justice in order to promote universal access to health, contribute to the reduction of inequality, act as a bridge between people and communities, generating social changes and contribute to human sustainable development through its Communication Area, Marketing and Fundraising.

A communication targeted not only to the collection of awareness and the fundraising necessary to accomplish the mission but also targeted to the transformation of social change with the active participation of the citizenship that is to say one more piece to the mission of the entity.

In this regard the organization spreads and communicates the development successes achieved by their local partners which have made efficient progress in combating poverty. Furthermore, it collaborates in analysis and thinking processes for improving the communication about the development topics in the media in the Northern Countries.

As a result of the specific actions taking in the Educational Area for the Development and Incidence (EPDI) and Communication Area, Marketing and Fundraising and the activity of the Organization, it has gone from 331 members in 1992 to over 5000 members, donors and associates at the present time.

Finally, in order to comply with the commitments to our interest group and to be more efficient in our mission, FARMACEUTICOS MUNDI has developed in 2014 and approved in April 2015 its III Strategic Plan 2015-2018, with particular emphasis on three strategic guidelines: Institutional Consolidation, Organizational Competencies and Reinforcement of the Mission Programs.

Farmacéuticos Mundi

Parque Tecnológico
C/ Johannes Gutenberg, n° 5
46980 Paterna (Valencia)
Phone: +34 902 01 17 17
Email: info@farmamundi.org

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